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1 - My first panorama. It dates from 1980 and the original in my wall was done by printing the negatives on paper and then glueing and cutting them with a knife. This is a recent digital version:

Botanical Garden, Coimbra, 1980

2 - Point and shoot camera, negative colour film, first colour scans, very little experience, etc. One of my first colour panoramas:

Intermediate Court, The Forbidden City, Beijing, 1991

3 - The city of Coimbra is allways there...

View from the "Mosteiro de Santa Clara", Coimbra, 2002

View from the "Miradouro do Inferno", Coimbra, 2002
4 - And of course the University of Coimbra is one of my main subjects

Pátio da Universidade, Coimbra, 2007

5 - The river Douro in the city of Porto

Porto, 2007

6 - This is a Large format panorama made from 2 9x12cm slides

Cântaros, Serra da Estrela, Portugal, 2003